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Sandwich panels - the perfect solution for the construction of walls and roofs of buildings, and for enclosing industrial equipment, air conditioners, etc. the Panels are manufactured in a continuous process of connecting the insulating layer with the outer casing, often made of steel. The final product is similar to the classic "sandwich sandwich", hence the name.

The panel consists of several layers. The steel shell serves as protection against external atmospheric influences such as rain or snow and also serves a decorative function. These panels are also resistant to corrosive factors. They keep their settings when exposed to moisture, steam, snow, chemical substances or other complex conditions. The middle, made of polyurethane foam (PUR), polyisocyanurate foam (PIR), expanded polystyrene slabs (EPS) or mineral wool (MW), ensures thermal and acoustic insulation. In combination with inNesna shell they become a protecting barrier against fire, snow loads, wind, temperature changes and other factors.

The advantages of sandwich panels:
• excellent insulation properties;
• perfect protection against weather conditions,
• maintaining properties and appearance for many years
• leak-proof - water, snow and damp will not get inside. Perfectly executed joints ensure complete tightness for many years in compliance with the standards of the installation;
• insulation. Properly selected material of the core can give very good noise reduction options;
• fire resistant properties in accordance with the requirements. The right type of filler can provide resistance class of the fire EI 240 (mineral wool)
• simple and quick installation, low construction costs, operating costs are lower than in other buildings. A panel of polyurethane foam 50 mm thick has the same heat transfer coefficient as the concrete wall thickness 760 mm or brick wall thickness of 1720 mm.

The scope of application of sandwich panels:
• warehouse,
• production workshop
• small and large rooms of commercial buildings,
• public buildings such as sports complexes and swimming pools,
• farm buildings such as barns, poultry houses, mushroom greenhouses.

Sandwich panel



Sandwich panel PUR and PIR have a polyurethane filler. It is a material with excellent thermal insulation properties, which affects the conductivity, as described above. In addition, foam is a good insulation material. The ratio of the specific acoustic resistance Rw = 25-27 dB, and the acoustic absorption coefficient: absorption = 0.15.

Density polyurethane foam filler ρ = 40 ± 4 kg / m3.

Panels with polyurethane foam filler gives very good results when tested for combustion depending on the thickness coefficient of resistance burning reaches EI 30.
The range of PUR and PIR panels includes three panels (with two mounting types) and two types of roof panels.

Normal (outdoor) installation PPN
Normal outdoor installation (visible fasteners) - standard wall panel with the thickness range from 30 to 120 mm.
Suitable for vertical or horizontal installation of the wall. Fastening to the structure with screws through the panel.

Hiddenth installation of the PPA
Flush mounting (invisible mounting) is a special wall panel with concealed fastening method with the thickness range from 40 to 120 mm.
Suitable for vertical or horizontal installation of the wall. Fastening to the structure with screws inside the locks of the panels. These panels form a more aesthetic appearance of the façade due to concealed fixing points.

3 and 5 rib roofing panel PA3 and PA5
Panel for the roof of 3 or 5 ribs - suitable for sloped roofs with low and medium angle of inclination. These panels have a trapezoidal outer surface. Thickness range from 30 to 150 mm.

Frigo wall panel of the refrigerating chamber with a reverse direction of heat flow. Thickness range from 100 to 220 mm. Suitable for walls of cold stores and freezers, as well as ceilings and suspended ceilings (beams).

SANDWICH PANELS MV (mineral wool)

Mineral (stone) wool has good insulating properties, as evidenced by the stated par value of conductivity λ = 0.04 W / m * K. Panel MV have very good sound insulation properties. Weighted average specific acoustic resistance coefficient is Rw = 32 dB, and the acoustic absorption coefficient absorption = 0.1. The density of the mineral wool ρ = 100-140 kg / m3.
Resistance burning sandwich panels filled with mineral wool allows you to categorize the product as:
A1 - non-combustible

Resultsresults of fire resistance testing of MV panels - very high. Depending on the thickness and type of panels have the reaction to fire class EI 30 to EI 240.

The range of sandwich panels made of mineral wool includes:

Roof panel with 4 ribs PA4 - suitable for sloped roofs with low and medium angle of inclination. These panels have a trapezoidal outer surface. The range of thickness from 60 to 200 mm. Sandwich panels from mineral wool for roofs PA4 suitable for roofs with a slope> 5 ° (3 ° only with extra insulation), have a high fire resistance up to 240 minutes.

Geometric characteristics:
• length: at least 2500 mm, max 13500 mm;
• useful width: PA4 VM - 1100 mm;
• thickness: 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm;
• range profile, while the outer 4 ribs; inner - Flat (flat) and Box (ribbed).

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