Profile and accessories

Types of profiles for plasterboard systems depend on their use:
• ceiling channel profiles – CD;
• ceiling perimeter profiles — UD;
• wall partition track profiles —UW;
• supporting studs — CW;
• reinforced profile — UA.

We offer all types of profiles with a thickness up to 0.65 mm.

Advantages of our profiles:
• Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001:2015;

• application for CE certificate

• profile has a Certificate of Conformity;

• Sanitary Certificate;

• raw materials are high in Zn;

• complete set of accessories for profile mounting;

• two standard profile lengths — 3 and 4 meters;

• optional custom profile length;

• stiffeners to give rigidity to the structure;

• longitudinal stiffeners;

• application of any type of marking;

• high corrosion resistance and fire safety;

• we produce both plain and corrugated profile;

• we produce UA reinforced profile used to form a frame base and securing doorways in plasterboard structures;

• The CW profile has a special notch for running service ines;



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CD-60 PROFILE. CD Ultra steel

The CD ceiling-stud profile is used as a supporting element for the erection of frames and lining
of vertical and horizontal surfaces.
The CD profile is used together with the UD guiding profile. The profile has additional stiffeners, which
ensure the stability of the frame under loads during installation work. Due to the C-shaped form,
the profile is attached to the surfaces by universal suspensions.
Focusing on consumer needs, besides the plain CD-60 profile, we produce corrugated profiles.
The CD-60 profile is made by double-sided punch forming.

Thickness (mm): 0.4 - 0.6
Name Cutting, M. p. Quantity in package, Qty in pallet,
PCs M. p. PCs M. p. cat.
CD-60 3 18 54 270 810 15
4 18 72 270 1080 15
CD-48 3 24 72 504 1512 21
4 24 96 504 2016 21

UD-27 PROFILE. UD Ultra steel

The ceiling perimeter profile UD is used as an element of the frame of single-level structures
of ceilings and false walls. During the installation of ceiling frame the UD profile is fixed along the
perimeter of the room, and during the wall lining, to the floor and ceiling.

Profiles are made with a smooth base and profiled flanges or, according to the customer’s needs, with a corrugated structure.

Thickness (mm): 0.4 - 0.6
Name Cutting, M. p. Quantity in package, Qty in pallet,
PCs M. p. PCs M. p. cat.
UD-27 3 30 90 600 1800 20
4 30 120 600 2400 20
UD-17 3 40 120 1080 3240 27
4 40 160 1080 4320 27


The CW profile is used as vertical studs  when mounting plasterboard frames.
The CW profile assembly is paired with the matching UW track profile. The size of the stud side provides a good connection with the track profile and guarantees a tight, gapless structure.
Available profile thicknesses: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm.

Thickness (mm): 0.4 - 0.6
Name Cutting, M. p. Quantity in package, Qty in pallet,
PCs M. p. PCs M. p. cat.
CW-50 3 16 48 192 576 12
4 16 64 192 768 12
CW-75 3 8 24 128 384 16
4 8 32 128 512 16
CW-100 3 8 24 96 288 12
4 8 32 96 384 12


The UW track profile is the basis for the stud profiles and is used as a crosspiece for the stud profiles
when creating frames.Installation of the UW profile is paired with the matching CW stud.

Available profile thicknesses: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm.

Thickness (mm): 0.4 - 0.6
Name Cutting, M. p. Quantity in package, Qty in pallet,
PCs M. p. PCs M. p. cat.
UW-50 3 16 48 240 720 15
4 16 64 240 960 15
UW-75 3 12 36 192 768 16
4 12 48 192 768 16
UW-100 3 8 24 120 360 15
4 8 32 120 480 15


The UA profile is used to form doorways, to attach heavy bathroom equipment, etc.

This profile can be used indoors as a load-bearing element (for mounting electric water heaters, lab cabinets, or blackboards). The load capacity is 1.5 kN per one meter of wall. UA profiles provide the ability to create large spans and increase the distance between ceiling system suspensions.

Thickness (mm): up to 2 mm
Name Cutting, M. p. Quantity in package, Qty in pallet,
PCs M. p. PCs M. p. cat.
UA-50 3 8 24 0 0 0
4 8 32 0 0 0
UA-75 3 6 18 0 0 0
4 6 24 0 0 0
UA-100 3 4 12 0 0 0
4 4 16 0 0 0


The screed profile (screed guide) is used as a supporting guide for plastering in order to obtain the most even surface. It has a deflection height of 10 mm and 6 mm.
With screed guided plaster, the curvature of the treated surface is reduced to a minimum. Experienced builders do not recommend removing such guides after the finishing work, as this can lead to unwanted cracks.
Screed guides with a deflection height of 10 mm allow for a plaster layer with a thickness of more than 1 cm, but guides with a deflection height of less than 6 mm are impractical for use during the room finishing. For fast and accurate level setting of screed profile when screening floors,
plaster, etc., we offer Kremer mounts.

The minimum mounting thickness allows the screed guide to be placed against the wall, and the position of the guide can be easily adjusted even after it has been installed.

Thickness (mm): 0.25-0.3

UD arched figure Profile

With curved arched profile, the UD can be mounted in diverse and complex in its design of curved structures such as arches, domes and to cover spiral staircase, to mount partitions and wall trunking with small radii of curvature, multi-level ceilings in the form of horizontal waves, where a significant part of the curved ceiling, curved different niches and many other designs

Thickness (mm): 0.4


Training video tutorial: "Installation of door frame"

Please notethat the PC "industry" is the manufacturer of the profile and components for it.

The implementation is carried out through our dealers and representatives in all regions of Ukraine. To clarify the numbers in your region, you can have our staff on the contacts page.

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