INDUSTRY Company has restyled the brand

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that INDUSTRY Company has restyled the brand with the aim of improving the logo.

You, our partners, become more demanding when choosing suppliers and even such non-price moments have an impact.
We have kept the main element of the brand, the letter IN, because it is part of our history, it is recognized and chosen.
The idea of ​​the logo is to combine the font elements of the first letters of "INDUSTRY", which traces the main direction of the company-production of profile and corrugated board.

The design and colors make it modern and convey the main message:
- we produce and adapt products to the requirements of the construction market;
- we expand the product line with a new range;
- we enter new markets.

The main narrative is that the values ​​of our brand remain unchanged:
- quality
- responsibility
- compliance with production technology
- efficiency
- proximity to customers
- ecological safety

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