Scaffolding "industry" for the reconstruction of Kharkov zoo

In the summer of 2016 has been started a big reconstruction of the Kharkiv zoo, and according to the Directorate, work will be completed by the end of next summer. Project Kharkov zoo at the annual conference of the European Association of zoos and aquaria (EAZA) have received the highest ratings by experts.

According to the architect-developer of Maya Polivanova, animals will be divided conditionally on the regions in which they live. In the zoo there are such areas, as the way of the tiger, wild Australia, the African Savannah, Amazon forest, River Bank, Valley of the cheetahs, planet of the apes, Kingdom of the elephants etc. Also envisages the construction of a large zoo with an area of 5 thousand 200 sq. m.

Large-scale works on reconstruction have been possible also thanks to the scaffolding, without them in the building - no way!

Production company "industry" was glad to provide their products for repair and construction works, in particular, our forests and rigs involved in the construction of the elephant house, the areas of the "wild Australia", which will be introduced Australian animals, particularly kangaroos, owls, wombats. Use our scaffolding and scaffolding and in the construction of the monkey Japanese macaques, as well as for exterior work, the building administration.

After the reconstruction Kharkiv zoo will be the first in the country zoo of the European class. It is estimated that between visitors and Pets, where possible, will maximize the harvested cells and the barriers.

And the animals in the zoo is not, at the time of the works, all of them were taken to other zoos of Ukraine.

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