Restoration of the mansion on the street of Feuerbach

In the daily hustle and bustle, running past, we often notice the beauty of the old buildings of Kharkov, do not know their history and sometimes don't pay them any attention.

Of course, our city is hardly a model of preservation of historical sites. However, in Kharkiv remained as the most interesting monuments and houses, mansions, which are just examples of architecture of XVIII - XIX centuries.

Unfortunately, the many mansions in the historical center of Kharkov hopelessly flawed ugly add-ons. Of the buildings little by little put in order, the rest, alas, is not in very good condition. And we are very pleased to have been involved in recovery work at home on the street Feuerbach, 11. Our scaffolding was purchased for a thorough repair: with frame scaffold reconstruction of this building. I hope the mansion will save my face with all the features of the architecture of the early XIX century.

The street was named in honor of the eminent German philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach. In the XVIII century it was a suburb of Kharkov: according to the plan of 1785, was here over the town line and began pidhorodna Kamyshlinsky settlement.

Until the early nineteenth century, this area was not included in the line of Kharkov and settled here poor tradesmen, retired soldiers and artisans. An interesting fact is that after 200 years the number of homes here have not changed, many have remained in its original form. After the war, some of the destroyed buildings were restored. Even today, the area of the square and the streets of Feuerbach delights history buffs and lovers of ancient architecture of the city.

Take a walk in this area in the fall or spring and will certainly be able to make awesome atmospheric shots!

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