The completion of the range of polymer coatings Printech

for corrugated sheet PC8, PS 10 and PS 20.

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our palette of drawings Printech for corrugated sheet and added in the range of RAL: YellowPineWood YellowSandalWood pine and sandalwood.

Printech (printek) is RAL polymeric coating that mimics the patterns of natural materials: stone, brick, different woods.

For example, the corrugated sheet in light wood has a coating imitating a pine Board with knots and distinctive texture. A fence of corrugated Board with a picture Stone (natural light stone) from a distance it'll look like he's really made of stone, so accurately convey the texture of the material. To install such a fence will be faster and cheaper, and visually it will be a worthy addition to your home and area.

The most commonly used corrugated sheet with a pattern Printech for the cladding of facades and fences. We produce corrugated sheet from the small waves with a height of 8 mm and height 57 mm in various colors and coatings, as well as all the necessary additional elements to it.

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