The new face of children's hospital!

The regional children's clinical hospital, Muranova on (now Ozeryanskaya). It has both inpatient and outpatient care - brought here young patients with serious illnesses from Kharkov and the whole Kharkiv region.

The hospital has more than 10 specialized offices of different kinds, as well as the Department of anesthesiology.

It helps a lot of talented doctors who have been working, unfortunately, on the basis of poor medical equipment. In any case, it was not until recently.

But recently there have been positive shifts in 2018 at the Kharkiv regional children's hospital have done a complete overhaul, put new equipment to the surgical unit in August, renovations began at the regional hospital for the victims of Chernobyl, and today a thorough renovation of the entire exterior of the building is in regional clinical hospital. Even the very existence of our blue-and-yellow forest along the dull grey of the facade already heyday the building – see for yourself ! And after repair the hospital just transformed.

For lightweight construction krestovine forests from the "industry" and the façade grid can already be seen, as colourful and joyful will be the building in blue-red-yellow colors. And front Central porch will sparkle with new white balustrade and vases with flowers.

We are happy to help guide the city to create an atmosphere in which children are not afraid of doctors, and the hospital is not frightened already at the very first meeting!

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