New furniture for the New Ukrainian Schools!

From 2018 school year, there was a reform of the Ukrainian school, now she's a New Ukrainian School. The main goal of this reform is to create a school, which will be enjoyable to learn, and that will give students not only knowledge but also the ability to apply them in life.

Excellent furniture for primary school - one of the main requirements of the program for the new Ukrainian school. It should help teachers to create classes in a comfortable atmosphere and to awaken in others the desire to acquire new knowledge.

We fully agree that the school furniture is a basic element in the educational process. Company "industry" has experience in manufacturing furniture for kindergartens and schools and Universities. And this year we started the production of furniture for the Junior school meets the requirements and standards of the New Ukrainian Schools: antiscaling adjustable single desks with table top in 7 degrees and a built in case, chairs with anatomic bends.

To ensure the health, proper physical development, the prevention of violations of posture and of children, school desks and chairs are adjustable in height and can "grow" with the children. Because safety, comfort and mobility are the key qualities for school furniture.

To ensure long-term operation, the ends of all student school furniture treated with a plastic ABS edge 1-2mm. We care about the safety of little fidgets and smoothed out the corners on our table tops and seats as well as covering all fasteners caps. And for portfolios, and a change of footwear, we have equipped our desks hooks on both sides.

The backs of our chairs and seat have physiological bends and inclination angles, the value of which is defined in the standard to prevent the development of scoliosis. Since we are the manufacturer, you can paint the metal elements of the furniture in the color that chooses school - black, graphite, grey or green.

The plant produces furniture for secondary school double desks, desks-monoblocks with benches, and a wide range of chairs. Together we create a school that is a pleasure to walk the children!

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