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with the new corrugated sheet PK-57N from Industry. Why? We share!

We have successfully launched the most economical roofing roll forming machine with high profile. With new equipment, we produce corrugated sheets with a total width of 1030 mm, and effective sheet width of 1000 mm, so the vertical overlap is only 30 mm.

At the same time, you getting reliable sheet overlap lock due to a capillary "groove" that insures the joint against leaks.

In addition, the PK-57N corrugated sheet has the most convenient and effective width of 1000 mm. That means that to calculate the required number of corrugated sheets for simple and complicated facility, you need to know only width in linear meters!

Our new PK-57N is ideal for low-slope roofs: the corrugated sheet has reinforced stiffening ribs and profiled support flange, which give the product increased strength characteristics.

PK-57N made by PC Industry - is the most profitable option among high load-bearing corrugated sheets.

Due to its technical characteristics and geometrical dimensions, the PK-57N corrugated sheet will cost less than most 57th or 60th competing sheets!

Certified production, the big range of thicknesses and colors, individual sizes can be manufactured. Affiliate program - yes and yes!

We know how to make the purchase of building materials with minimum cost, contact us!

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