The other day we visited the site of one of our Customers in the Kharkiv region

and want to share our experiences and emotions, and it was a lot!

We were visiting the enterprises specializing on processing of sunflower seeds, producing oils, wholesale grain, with the possibility of storage, drying and cleaning.

Just two years ago in 2017, they began construction of its new facility – an innovative masloekstraktsionnogo of the plant - and this year has launched it in full force. In the first quarter of 2019, the company managed to reach the targets and achieve the recycling of 45 tons. Currently the plant has a planned annual processing capacity of approximately 180 thousand tons!

But in addition to production capacity, we were amazed of the European order prevails everywhere – in the office, on site, there was a feeling that suddenly we were somewhere in Europe, designed in the offices, power and order in the workplace. And how it smells.... Staff already used, and we almost didn't do the breaths, the smell of homemade butter or halva flavor is indescribable.

Pleased to realize that for roofs, facades and formwork on the site were used corrugated sheet production "industry". He is involved at a variety of objects - automigrate and startup, railway download, the walls and roof, cold storage, pump stations, filled into the formwork, as well as on the facades of the firm.

We were at the new building under construction – thermoelectric power. There is already a fully completed construction and Assembly works at the moment is installation of technological equipment.

Upon completion of the construction work, our Customer will receive a waste-free production of sunflower processing, as well as energy independence and a full production cycle within one enterprise from the growing of sunflowers in their fields, to the extraction of oil, processing of husk in pellets and energy!

There we were able to photograph the fill propustila in a casing, and the casing of the future firm and the smoke filters with corrugated sheet that we produced.

Overall, I want to say – keep it up! We saw the Ukrainian manufacturer of the European level and proud of my small involvement) Ukraine is one of the leading grain producers in the world and the emergence and growth of such industries are the basis of food security of the country!

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