We shot a training video lesson

about installing the door frame using the reinforced profile UA.

We recently had an interesting experience: the first time decided to shoot a instructional video lesson about one of our products.

The fact that our company produces a unique profile of UA, which is almost indispensable in the formation of door openings, as well as in cases when you need to fix some heavy equipment. This profile can be used indoors and as a backbone for mounting electric boilers, laboratory cupboards or blackboards and the like.

But we are faced with the fact that many do not even know that along with well-known profiles CW UW CD UD there is still a reinforced profile UA.

We believe that our mission is to spread the culture of using UA profile among the General public. Especially now that most developers want to comply with the building codes and put in the forefront it is the reliability of the design.

We decided to show how to mount the wall frame with door opening to further work on the hull drywall. Demonstrated the nuances, which many questions arise: "how to fit each other's profile CW step of the profile is mounted in the partition, as connected UA and UW profiles as you need vertical jumpers" and other.

The video shoot took place at the training center, created by our partner company Siniat, based on "Lyceum of modern building technologies" in Kharkov.

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