We are expanding the range of corrugated sheets

and now we also offer exclusive corrugated sheet with a wave height 85 mm, 135 mm, 153 mm, 158 mm and 200 mm

The profile can be made a complete, hermetic, and may be made with perforations on the side edges of the waves, this option is practical for ventilation and ventilation.

1 - Profile of corrugated sheet 85-200 mm is an ideal solution for flat roof decking type, pitched roofs with small inclination angles, in combination with insulation and final coating products, or as a separate coating;

2 - Being such a self-supporting corrugated sheet advantageously used as the formwork for pouring concrete slabs of the intermediate floors;

3 - High profiled sheet is designed for industrial use in the construction of large facilities (warehouses, hangars, supermarkets, prefabricated buildings, commercial and industrial projects, workshops, showrooms, buildings household and agricultural purposes, bunkers), is applicable in the creation of roofs with a low slope (5 degrees).

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