Any construction begins with the selection of quality materials...

and production company "industry" has decided to offer its customers a choice between two of the most in demand in the Ukrainian market of roofing materials - corrugated sheet and metal roofing.

We are excited to announce that our factory began to produce metal roofing Monterrey in thickness of metal from 0.4 to 0.5 mm, in glossy and matte surface, in 6 RAL colours of your choice. Product length can reach 7480 mm and is one of the best indicators in this segment.

The roof is often very acute in front of a man who decided to start the construction. It turns out that to decide very difficult, because materials on the market so much. Soft roof many do not like the fact that it looks absolutely impressive and not flat. Natural tile not everyone can afford it. As it turned out, apart from the high price of the “straight girls” are very expensive themselves work on the installation. As a result, many tend to choose between the corrugated sheet and metal roofing.

The metal looks much more interesting than the monotonous working. Especially nice look angled roof, the design of which was used metal. Monterrey, produced by our plant, is shaped to simulate masonry, ceramic roof, and strength greatly surpasses it. Metal appearance looks like the traditional ceramic tile, and it contributes to not only the shape of the profile with longitudinal and transverse waves, but also a special coating that gives a matte, softly shimmering luster.

Corrugated sheet apply in cases where the most important is reliability and price, not appearance. Also for roofs with a slope less than 15 degrees, the metal is not recommended, in this case, you will likely be suitable working.

Despite the fact that metal as a roofing material is quite young, she had grown to love very much because has a large number of benefits at a fairly affordable cost.

For example, deciding to close the roof a metal tile, good news for you is that most workers are accustomed to work with it, because it's pretty easy, so the price for its installation is quite acceptable. Metal can be transported in the usualNoah “Gazelle”. It is easy to load and unload, so transportation costs are also low (this is not a natural tiling, where the delivery requires a truck and unloading arm).

We're happy to provide its clients with the opportunity to buy the metal in a wide price range. Our staff will help you choose the option of material, which will fully meet all the stated requirements. We guarantee that the geometry of our metal is exactly as described and provides quality packing material. And the realization of the first owner directly from the production guarantees minimum prices from the manufacturer!

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