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Kharkiv have secured a status as the major cultural center of Ukraine. The city is also considered the capital of the students, because today the number of higher educational institutions of different level of accreditation in Kharkiv reached 80 pieces. Record the number of reaches and the volume of foreign and visiting students who come here every year for the profession.

To create comfortable living conditions of applicants, the question arises about the right choice of furniture for the hostels, which would be strong and durable, and thus had the correct characteristics to preserve a healthy spine.

We offer the perfect solution for this issue! Single-stage and metal bunk beds with welded mesh or spring mesh accurately "fit" in the procurement budget, and thus combine the high performance, safety and aesthetics.

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Our metal beds is treated with a special, hygiene-compliant powder coating that prevents corrosion and makes furniture for hostels more durable. In addition, the metal powder paint is not prone to obsolescence, so metal beds will look neat even after a few years of active use. Also, you can order the right paint color that will complement the interior space.

Metal bed, unlike wooden beds made of chipboard, do not change their properties under high temperatures and moisture.

This furniture has a number of other positive characteristics. For example, the solid metal frame ensures sound sleep and correct posture of the sleeping person.

We have taken care of safety, bunk beds production "industry":

• equipped with two safety rails on top bunk;

• have the height of the rim security 305 mm;

• have a decorative plastic caps on all open edges of the tube;

• have a high resistance;

Additional convenience can be the fact that at any moment you can turn a bunk bed into two single-tier. In addition, we are releasing a single bed with folding legs, the type of the clamshell, so it takes up much less space when folded and more compact when carrying.

All our beds can be easily mounted on their own within a few minutes.

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