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We have representatives in Ukraine, the sandwich panels from the company Proinvest (Romania)

What does it mean?⁉app

- what we offer is another decision on the arrangement of the walls and roofs of buildings, enclosures, industrial equipment, air conditioners etc
- the panels are of European quality from experienced manufacturer
- our managers will help you to understand all the nuances of this group of products and pick up sandwich panels with polyurethane foam filler or mineral wool.

Briefly about this new material:

  • the panels are manufactured in a continuous process of connecting the insulating layer to the outer cladding, and the final product is similar to "sandwich sandwich", hence the name;
  • high parameters of fire resistance (up to 240 minutes) and sound insulation;
  • the usable width is more than the majority of the proposed panels;
  • tightness – water, snow and damp will not get inside;
  • innovative flush with the profile of the groove reduces heat loss;
  • perfect Assembly between the different types of panels;
  •  distribution of mineral wool inside the panel ensures complete filling of the space between metal sheets, which improves the thermal insulation;
  • a panel of polyurethane foam with thickness of 50 mm has the same heat transfer coefficient as the foam and the wall thickness of 760 mm or brick wall thickness 1720 mm;
  • the largest standard range of colors.

For more detailed technical advice, please contact: (099) 413-73-15, (097) 179-74-64

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