New! Direct suspension Strong

Our partners asked us about the need to produce a reinforced suspension with anti-vibration function. Therefore, we decided to expand the line of direct suspensions and developed a direct suspension Strong.

The construction industry is changing, buyers are more demanding of the quality of consumer goods.

The Strong suspension is intended for fastening of profiles to basic designs in systems of dry construction. The concave geometry of the profile provides additional strength and elasticity during installation, and helps the suspension to take a right angle when bending.

Advantages of Strong suspension:

  • improves the soundproofing properties of the apartment;
  • reliable, because it is made in thicknesses of 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 mm;
  • has a regulated zinc coating - Z 140;
  • the shape of the suspension allows it to be easily bent, and the rounded edges reduce the risk of cuts when performing work.

Experience the advantages of ease of installation and reliability of the resulting design!

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