CORRUGATED SHEET with anti-condensation film DR!PSTOP

Our company started production of corrugated board with DR!PSTOP anti-condensation film

The problem of condensation in uninsulated roofs is a serious challenge for the construction industry. Traditional methods of dealing with condensation, such as roof insulation, can be expensive and ineffective. Profiled sheeting with the DR!PSTOP anti-condensation film is an innovative solution for protection against condensation formation.

The film has a special structure for moisture collection, which helps retain roof condensation until natural ventilation allows it to evaporate. This film effectively addresses condensation formation without the need for roof insulation, providing cost savings and comfort inside the building. DR!PSTOP is a reliable solution, resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the durability and efficiency of building structures.

Choose DR!PSTOP - your dependable defender against condensation!

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