6 main advantages of our new connector!

plasterboard profile connector from Industry.

 The idea to modify and update the two-tier connector was not an accident.  We were faced with the fact that in the process of assembling drywall structures, many builders experience difficulties in installation.  We decided to figure out what flaws in the design of connectors from various manufacturers are most often encountered by a builder who assembles a structure from profiles into several levels.

 Basic moments:

  • the connector enters the lower profile through force or does not enter at all
  • to snap the connector onto the upper profile, you need to apply force
  • after connecting the profiles - the upper CD “walks”, because there is a gap between it and the connector and the structure is movable until you fix it with self-tapping screws
  • fixing the structure requires 4 to 8 self-tapping screws

 We have collected connectors presented on the Ukrainian market and developed a connector in which we tried to eliminate all the listed problems.  Meet our new product!

  • The connector has rounded corners, due to which it fits well into the bottom profile
  • The latch fixes the top profile without effort, thus making installation easier.
  • Additional fixing of the structure requires only one self-tapping screw on each side.
  • The remaining holes serve to lighten the weight of the connector
  • The design of the connector has additional stiffeners on the supporting surface
  • The connector is more load-bearing

 A structure assembled with such a connector can easily withstand any loads created, for example, by multi-level structures on the ceiling, decorative elements, hanging lighting equipment, and so on.

 We keep in the assortment the connector in the original design, produced in thicknesses from 0.65 mm to 0.9 mm, and introduce into production a new reinforced one in thicknesses from 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm.  Thus, our customers will be able to gradually familiarize themselves with the new product without giving up their usual products.


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