Mounting and Perforated tapes

Mounting tape is designed for a uniform layout of the cable at the surface of the base for the future floor heating. Due to its design securely locks cable into the lock, which prevents unintended movement when casting surface and contact the heating parts which can result in cable failure.

Description: is a metal strip with many holes and clamps for attaching the heating cable. Ribbon makes it easy to fasten heating element clip to firmly grip the cables diameter 5 to 9 mm. the tape can be attached to concrete using dowel-nails size mm. 6х40 To a wooden or metal base tape can be attached using screws.

Applications mounting tape:

Essential in the regeneration of the heated surfaces. Its use allows you to evenly lay out the heating cable and it is securely fixed and even random movement will be eliminated. Then you can safely make a fill surface of the cable cannot slide, and the heating elements in no way touch. In this field it is used to warm floors in the building and heated Parking lots, and even for refrigerating chambers.

Also suitable for protection from ice in the open air.

With its help clips and cables and bundles of wires, and ducts, and many other devices. All this is possible thanks to its specific design: a large number of perforated holes provide a truly amazing tenacity. Simple installation involves the use of a variety of fasteners: bolts, screws, nuts or nails. The secret of this product that, with the above-mentioned holes there is no need to tie these parts, and therefore, the tape retains its original stiffness and density.

Tape Type galvanized steel Width, mm Thickness,
Step, mm
12 mm 18 mm 20 mm 25 mm 0.5 mm 0.6 mm 0.7 mm 5 m 10 m 20 m 20 mm 25 mm
Mounting Tape + +   +   +     + + + + +
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Mounting tape

The mounting ribbon 20 mm

The height of the tape: 20 mm
The thickness of the metal Tape length in roll The step between "mustache"
0.5 mm 5 m 20 mm
0.5 mm 10 m 20 mm
0.5 mm 20 m 20 mm

The mounting ribbon 20 mm

The height of the tape: 20 mm
The thickness of the metal Tape length in roll The step between "mustache"
0.5 mm 5 m 25 mm
0.5 mm 10 m 25 mm
0.5 mm 20 m 25 mm

Please notethat the PC "industry" is the manufacturer of a mounting strip. Minimum amount of order on the tape is 1 km away.

The implementation of smaller volumes is carried out through our dealers and representatives in all regions of Ukraine. To clarify the numbers in your region from our employees:

Head of mounting tape and tape - Grinenko Julia: +38 (095) 937-55-13.

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