Армирующий профиль. Анкерная пластина для окон

LLC VK "Indastri" is a manufacturer of reinforcing profiles for PVC windows of REHAU, KBE, ALUPLUST, SALAMANDER, VEKA, WDS, WINTECH, and other systems.

The reinforcing profile for PVC windows is a steel structural element that is installed in the inner chamber of PVC profiles and represents a steel galvanized element of various cross-sections in the form of an open contour. All types of PVC profiles with linear dimensions exceeding 500 mm are subject to reinforcement. This is because PVC material itself is not a rigid material; plastic products under the influence of temperature and external loads can change shape, expand or contract in size, and deform.

The reinforcing profile is responsible for most of the strength characteristics of the PVC window and door unit, and therefore for its reliability. The quality of PVC profile reinforcement determines the consumer properties of the finished window structure.

This applies to both purely aesthetic aspects such as surface evenness, absence of deformations and cracks, stability of linear dimensions, and important functional and practical aspects such as proper performance of its functions, absence of sagging, reliable fixation in the opening, resistance to wind and impact loads.

Indastri's reinforcing profile for PVC window production has the following characteristics:

• new equipment without wear (2019)

• geometric parameters without deviations that comply with normative documentation

• we produce over 1000 profile configurations for various PVC systems

• corrosion-resistant profile

• the profile has excellent load-bearing characteristics

• possibility of individual ordering of the required profile length. Readiness for expanding the product range according to the customer's needs

• prices from the manufacturer

• a package of documents for participation in tenders is ready

• delivery to any region by our own transportation.



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The reinforcing profile for PVC windows

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