Corrugated sheet

DRIPSTOP anti-condensation film

► If condensation from your metal roof causes rain,
then the structure does not fulfill its main function
► The DripStop condensate control membrane is an economical solution
to prevent dripping caused by condensation
► DripStop is a self-adhesive film that is applied to the inside
professional flooring
► Once installed, it provides hassle-free control
condensation, as it is antimicrobial, resistant to mold and fungus


► warehouses
► hangars for airplanes
► industrial buildings
► sports facilities

► agricultural buildings
► residential buildings
► parking lots
► garages


► Cost savings of up to 25% compared to traditional insulation solutions
► Absorbs up to 1 liter of moisture/m2
► The film sticks firmly to profiled sheets, even oiled ones.
Does not tear, does not crack, resistant to mechanical damage
► Absorbs sounds in the room, noise of rain, hail up to 2 dB, improves
sound insulation
► Easily cleaned with water using a hose or device
for pressure washing
► Does not burn in a fire
► Service life from 15 years

Anti-condensation film DRIPSTOP

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