When the company "Industry" was founded in 1996, it was a difficult time of "perestroika" restructuring from the Soviet way of thinking to democratic values. The wind of change and hope for a better future gave an impulse to young ambitious students who had just graduated from university to take a risk and create a new, not well-known direction in Ukraine - rolling profiles for gypsum plasterboards.

In spite of difficulties, thanks to the close-knit team, constancy of process of investment in updating of industrial base, expansion of assortment, introduction of new technologies and services, Company "Industry" could take one of leading positions in the building market.

At the moment PC Industry Ltd. is a part of industrial corporation of 12 enterprises engaged in metal processing (from working out and manufacturing of the equipment for punching and hire to manufacturing of metal constructions of various complexity).The main office and production of PC "Industry" Ltd. are located in Kharkov, Ukraine.

25 years
of experience
2000 tons
of finished products per month
95 %
of customers return
10 thousand m2
of own production area
200 highly qualified employees
in our staff

The main directions of our company:

- production of roof and facade metal sheet made of galvanized steel and steel with polymeric coating;

- durable, economical and strong metal roofing tile "Industry";

- assortment of elements for a steel roof tile - valley, roof ridges, wall corners, laths and barriers;

- production of high-quality metal profiles for gypsum board systems, as well as all related equipment;

- reinforcing profile for windows of systems REHAU, KBE, ALUPLUST, SALAMANDER, VEKA, WDS, WINTECH and others ..;

- accessories for window systems made of PVC: anchor plates for all types of profiles and Z - shaped bracket for window sill fixing to the window frame;

- assembly tape and perforation tape.

Production facilities:

- 6 automated metal tile production lines;

- 16 rolling mills;

- 2 slitting lines;

- 2 plate bending machines;

- 2 guillotines;

The equipment of the company allows to create necessary elements as precisely, qualitatively and reliably as possible.

Company "Industry" makes products from metal of any complexity under individual orders and projects. For this purpose the company has staff of qualified engineers, designers and technologists who will help to embody your most courageous ideas in real designs. Own manufacture allows to control quality of production and to be assured of it.

Our professional managers will always help you in solving your questions (calculate the project, correctly make an order, solve the problem with logistics, etc.).

Result of our efforts is trust of hundreds customers, long-term experience of cooperation with our partners, both in Ukraine, and abroad, occurrence of new consumers of our production.

We always welcome new partners, new ideas, new projects!